VDC/BIM Technology

IMC pioneered the use of Virtual Design and Construction (VDC) tools and has been an early adopter of Building Information Modeling (BIM). Our innovative software and progressive approach enhance the construction process, foster collaboration with our design teammates, and execute projects more efficiently.

From visualizing a finished building to simulating construction or analyzing operations, VDC and BIM give owners a real-time picture and valid data to support the most critical decisions. The tools provide a single platform for design and construction professionals to interact, eliminate guesswork, and avoid conflicts. At IMC, the future of faster, smarter buildings and projects has already arrived.

Get to Market Quicker

Real-time decisions on the screen bring projects to market quicker by streamlining planning, preconstruction, construction, and close-out.

Reduce Cost

More detailed, accurate models reduce cost and maximize value by eliminating conflicts and clash-related change orders, speeding the process, and minimizing soft costs.

Maximize Project Quality

Early visualization of a building and its features ensures proper allocation of funds to key project components, early development of critical construction details, and maximum aesthetic and functional impact.

Our Process


VDC/BIM Phases

IMC's Virtual Design and Construction Department uses Building Information Modeling throughout each phase of a project to improve quality, price, and schedule.


We investigate every aspect of a project to understand the owner and design team perspectives. Your needs and deliverables are defined.


BIM models are used to evaluate, measure, estimate, and review value engineering options and solutions. Information is exchanged with design team members and consultants.


As construction documentation evolves, potential system conflicts are identified, reported, and revised to eliminate issues before construction. Visualization tools are used to aid with funding, project comprehension, and review of design options.


As a project progresses to construction, IMC sets benchmarks for project performance, implements necessary changes, eliminates waste, and defines quality metrics.