National Construction Services

IMC has worked nationwide throughout its 40-year history. We know there is no substitute for regional and local knowledge, manpower, and experience. That’s why we are part of Citadel National Construction Group, a network of best-in-class construction firms with decades of experience from coast-to-coast. We share best practices, best reputations, and best-in-class service, and we leverage this network to benefit our clients.

Since it was founded in 1999, Citadel has been true to its mission: operate as thought leaders in the industry, building a world of difference. Through Citadel, we offer clients value through consistency and standardization of services. Because IMC and the other Citadel partners employ the same operational procedures and reporting systems, we ensure the same high quality results on every job. Citadel National Construction Group partners have performed over $1.5 billion of construction work across the nation. Together, we can serve your national needs.

Citadel Group Members