Lower Merion School District

IMC is currently building a 208,000 SF, ground-up middle school for Lower Merion School District. The three-story building will include multiple gymnasiums and a theater/stage with tractable seating which is also a flex space for performances/venues. The school will also feature a “heart” area, where students can congregate to socialize and collaborate. Traditional classrooms will be replaced by learning communities on each floor. These communities are flexible spaces that can be used for large-group team teaching, small group instruction, or student collaboration.

The new middle school is set to open in September 2022.The current plan is to slowly transition students to the new middle school starting with only fifth and sixth grade in 2022-2023, and eventually filling all four grades by the 2024-2025 school year.



Villanova, PA
Spiezle Architectural Group, Inc.
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