Build-to-suit or speculative facilities for developers, owners, and tenants of buildings that support manufacturing, warehousing, and distribution of goods in suburban or urban environments:

  • Warehouse and Distribution
  • Light Manufacturing
  • Food and Beverage
  • Life Science and Pharmaceutical
An aerial view of Crown 95 Logistics Center in Philadelphia, PA

IMC’s Approach to Industrial

Whether building from the ground up, modifying an existing structure, or installing new manufacturing lines, IMC constructs industrial facilities that are safe, healthy, efficient, and effective.  In the role of a construction management company, we have worked with clients and partners across the nation to build distribution centers, warehouses, processing plants, and other highly functional, specialized facilities.  Throughout the process, IMC’s customized BIM technology enhances speed to market and cost savings, allows for best-in-class process innovation and energy efficiency, mitigates risk, and produces predictable results while keeping in mind the necessity for strict quality control and assurance.

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