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Keeping people healthy and your project on track is our highest priority. As the Coronavirus COVID-19 outbreak continues to create challenges for families and businesses across the country, our focus is on the health and well-being of our employees, clients, subcontractors, vendors and the community. We are closely monitoring the situation and following recommendations from the CDC as well as Federal, State and County Authorities. Our goal is to maintain our project schedules while continuing to be diligent in the global effort to contain this virus. IMC is very focused on maintaining high efficiency and production on your project site. IMC is in regular contact with our vendors and suppliers to monitor adequate manpower and proper material supplies.

As you know, government agencies have limited certain businesses and encouraged many others to temporarily cease operations. IMC is working very hard to mitigate impacts to project schedules and operations. Currently, all projects are active.

As you are aware the approach and mandates related to containment of this virus are ever evolving, but the following are a few of the steps we have taken to keep our staff working and work continuing on your project;

  • All site job trailers/offices are now restricted from visitors. Meetings will be held in the buildings or in open air settings to cease typical close meeting quarters.
  • To create more effective social distancing, we have adjusted work locations for all IMC employees to a combination of main office, jobsite and work at home. We have discouraged changing work locations daily or weekly.
  • All employees are set-up for remote access to all applications and fully supported by our IT team.
  • We have discontinued all in person meetings and have migrated to tele-conferencing and Skype conferences.
  • We have stopped visitor access to our main office and field offices except preplanned and essential needs.
  • We have a protocol in place on all projects that require IMC staff each morning to verify through a series of questionnaires that require individuals to state they have not met any of the risk factors identified by the CDC.
  • The same protocol is being used for every tradesman. IMC is requiring every company foreman to survey each of their workers prior to starting work each day to verify they have not been exposed to the risk factors utilizing the same survey form.
  • Protocols have been established for the project teams to follow in the event we receive notice that personnel on the project have a presumed or confirmed case of Covid-19. Should this be the case, you would be immediately notified.
  • We have increased our focus on sanitizing all the high touch surfaces on the project. Where appropriate, we have added laborer staff to each project, whose sole focus is to disinfect the high touch surfaces on our projects such as entrance doors, stair railings, bathroom facilities etc.
  • We have multiple vendors lined up as a resource to perform wholesale disinfection if requested.


Please do not hesitate to contact us with any questions you may have about our preparedness.

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