Understanding the 2024 ENR Top 400

IMC Ranks # 252 On ENR’s Top 2024 400 Contractors List

Despite the 12-interest rate hikes the Federal Reserve put into place beginning in March 2022 the ENR Top 400 experienced double-digit revenue growth as the collective revenues for the Top 400 grew from $488.98 billion to $556.9 billion in 2023. With 93% of the revenue coming from domestic projects it seems as though the ENR Top 400 figured out how to maintain their momentum in a challenging time. Clients were faced with the interest rate hikes, coupled with the construction debt bloat on banks’ balance sheets which severely limited the banking industry from originating new construction loans.

The sector mix continued to shift for the ENR Top 2024 400. By way of example manufacturing revenues grew 201% from 2021 to 2023. No doubt this shift grew due to the resurgence of Federal dollars investing in the onshoring and reshoring of advanced manufacturing.

With such growth the ENR Top 2024 400 faced the challenges of scaling effectively while being able to listen and truly understand their clients’ challenges.

For IMC 2023 represented a year where we partnered with our clients and worked through difficulties to get the job done. Time and again our clients told us that “our pre-con process helped them out and the upfront planning is what made the project go smoothly”. “They (IMC) really understand the project and the how did we miss that does not happen with IMC.”

Strategic hiring practices continue to be implemented across the ENR Top 2024 400 to make sure these companies are welcoming people that are not only capable of doing the work but doing it in alignment with their core values.

IMC continues to focus on being a large general contractor with a “family-oriented feel”. Our hiring practices concentrate on hiring professionals who can embrace our culture and replicate it on their projects. That is why clients continue to tell us that “we hire great people, and that the IMC team is very dedicated to the Company and its policies”.

IMC is pleased to be ranked # 252 on the ENR Top 400 in 2024.

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