IMC’s Creative Approach: Visualization and Fundraising at Malvern Prep

Malvern Prep, an independent Catholic middle school and college preparatory high school for boys located in Malvern, Pennsylvania relies on the continued generosity of their extended community to provide its students with the best possible education.

Their current comprehensive campus plan was to better align their landscape and facilities maximizing the use of a beautiful natural setting, with strategic changes in their curriculum. As part of this, the school identified STEAM as a major programmatic priority and sought a new center for collaborative education and engaged IMC as its general contractor.

To get it done, the school embarked on a fundraising campaign.

Rendering of exterior of Malvern Prep School

Storytelling: a persuasive tool in fundraising campaigns.

During their fund-raising campaign IMC volunteered to provide visualization of current and future campus improvements for their donor day which included a campus tour and reception during May of 2023.

By enhancing the architect’s 3D models IMC was able to depict the proposed project in a visually compelling manner that enabled donors to understand the project’s design and impact more effectively than any 2D drawings or artists’ rendering.

Seeing a project in 3D helped donors grasp the tangible impact of their contributions, allowing them to witness how their funds will be directly translated into physical improvements, such as new buildings, modern facilities, or enhanced learning spaces.

Malvern Prep’s compelling narratives around the project plus 3D models showcased not just the physical changes but also emphasized how these improvements will positively impact students’ education and overall experience. This storytelling was a persuasive tool in the fundraising campaign.


IMC Visualizations: Facilitating Donor Events

Donors are more likely to engage emotionally when they can visually connect with the changes and improvements a new construction project aims to bring. This emotional resonance can drive increased support.

The 3D models prepared by IMC were used to create virtual tours of the facility as well as numerous 360 panoramas of specific locations in buildings and on campus. QRCodes were posted throughout the campus tour route so participants could scan and view the proposed new classrooms and learning center on their mobile device.

At the cocktail reception flyby and walkthrough videos were shown on a screen which further enhanced the communication of the project’s value and impact on the existing campus, thereby making it easier to inspire, build trust and credibility with both existing and new donors.

During fundraising events, 3D visualizations provided experiences that allowed donors to engage with the project in a memorable and impactful way, leaving a lasting impression.  This is because 3D visualizations evoke emotions and can create a stronger connection with the project.

Rendering of inside Malvern Prep School lobby


Visualizing a project in 3D: a powerful tool in overcoming fundraising challenges

IMC’s visualizations provide a valuable tool for private schools to effectively communicate their fundraising needs, create emotional connections with donors, and showcase the transformative impact of contributions. IMC adds a dynamic and engaging dimension to fundraising efforts, making the case for support more compelling.

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For almost 50 years, IMC has been improving lives and environments in the communities where we work and live.  We see our projects through the eyes of our clients and take ownership of their construction needs. Our in-house Building Information Modeling department is able to bring a project to life through visualization and, as experienced at Malvern Prep, assist with its fund-raising efforts too.

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