Special Projects Division

IMC’s Special Projects Division (SPD) was developed to address the market demand for construction services focused on limited-scale projects within active and occupied sites.

SPD projects are typically fast-paced and present unique logistical challenges. The SPD is a committed team performing management for such projects in market sectors including commercial and corporate, education, science and technology, healthcare, workplace lifestyle, sustainability, industrial, and energy. SPD offers a more expedited and economical model aligned with the project’s magnitude.

Our dedicated staff has the experience and support to execute complex work in occupied spaces. We leverage our sophisticated, in-house services while adapting to a more economical scale. The ability to utilize our internal resources from the parent company at a moment’s notice, enhancing services when and if needed, ensures quality and the highest of standards – from safety to turnover.

This division provides the efficiency that clients require for their interior and exterior improvements and renovations, building expansions, and facility upgrades. IMC SPD is flexible and can quickly act and react using the most cost-effective methodologies.  It brings the comprehensive services of IMC with a lean approach across all of IMC’s market sectors.

IMC’s dedicated Special Projects Division team can meet the requirements of delivering fast-paced projects within active and occupied facilities in a more economical and efficient manner. Our staff is experienced in working with architects, interior design firms, engineers, developers, and clients in the public and private sectors. They possess the skills needed to complete projects while minimizing disruptions and any associated impact.

Streamlined processes and the most technologically superior services for preconstruction, collaboration and communication while always maintaining quality and safety — that is IMC | SPD.