Special Projects Division

IMC’s Special Projects Division provides construction services focused on limited-scale projects, offering a more aligned, expedited, and economical model. Our Special Projects Division staff excels at logistically challenging projects, working in occupied spaces, and managing fast-paced schedules

IMC’s Special Projects Division (SPD) was developed to address the ongoing demand for construction services for limited-scale projects. The dedicated SPD team is versed in this environment, ready to execute and deliver for each project. SPD is centered around tenant interiors, renovations, and additions in market sectors including commercial & corporate, education, science & technology, healthcare, workplace lifestyle, sustainability, industrial, and energy. Although we are structured as a small collaborative firm, SPD can utilize IMC’s internal resources at a moment’s notice, enhancing delivery specific to the project’s needs.


Our Team

Our dedicated and agile staff is experienced working with architects, interior design firms, engineers, developers, and clients in the public and private sectors. Our relationships with design teams and governing authorities allow for a minimally disruptive process and a complete package unmatched by smaller contractors.

Quality and Security

SPD provides the comprehensive services of IMC with a lean approach allowing for flexibility and quick action. Using the most cost-effective methodologies and being backed by risk-managed IMC brings financial stability to projects across all IMC market

Speed and Efficiency

We provide quick, accurate, and reliable budgets and a vast subcontractor base with competitive pricing for each project type. Our efficient process, from budgeting to construction, streamlines turnover that is required from complex interior and exterior improvements, renovations, building expansions, and facility upgrades.

Special Projects Division Approach


  • Establish team roles and responsibilities
  • Review the site, understand and establish scope
  • Prepare budgets with assistance of internal virtual design team
  • Strategize and spend time with constructability reviews of existing documents
  • Qualify and prep subcontractors for budgeting
  • Review logistics planning and potential impacts


  • Prepare construction schedule and ongoing review with team during job
  • Conduct weekly meetings to discuss issues and planning for upcoming tasks
  • Maintain site safety and monitor sub trade production
  • Supervise and Coordinate with design teams, inspecting agencies and testing
  • Provide daily updates regarding budget, project schedule status and ongoing details of revisions within the scope
  • See work to completion, ensure closeout documents are provided
  • Complete overall project timely and within budget

Post Construction

  • Coordinate warranty tasks
  • Continue service for future needs
Malvern Preparatory School Center for Social Impact
Main Line Health Exton Outpatient Center