Our customers are building workspaces for the future – allowing for focused concentration, inspired work as well as workplace wellness. These places become a competing ground for hiring the next generation of talent – and so every decision about a new project must be made with certainty. That is why developers, corporations and institutions depend on IMC as a partner to help them make early informed decisions.

Our modeling-enabled project approach includes early design-phase project prototyping that helps our customers understand what their project will look like and how it will operate. This approach makes it easy for our customers to specify what they want, then visualize it, analyze it and make changes with confidence. This allows our customers to make early decisions about cost and schedule, as well as immerse themselves in their employees’ experience.

Over 40 years and more than a $1 billion worth of construction, we learned a few things about offices and places of work, and we bring these lessons learned to each and every project. Our experience coupled with our visualization technologies drive value through information, innovation and practical implementation, bridging an owner’s vision to reality, and with certainty.