Science and Technology

The Science & Technology sector is a natural extension of IMC’s healthcare experience and leadership.  IMC believes that early engagement is the key to success.  We believe in thorough collaboration with all stakeholders.  We know how to manage the challenges and intricacies that come with building these complex buildings.

Clients are always looking to ensure that they are at the forefront of current industry trends. Utilizing concepts from lean construction and IPD methodology, we employ them where appropriate. For example, with Choosing by Advantage, stakeholders can reach consensus, focus on outcomes, and understand all factors considered during the decision-making process in preconstruction and construction.

IMC is flexible and adaptive.  We have professionals who specialize in the many aspects of Science & Technology: R&D, Manufacturing, Industrial, Higher Education, Vivaria, Pharmacies, Freezer Farms, Workplace Lifestyle, Headquarters and Administrative, Campus Planning, Interiors, Exteriors, and Peer Reviews.  From working in GMP environments to ensuring adequate interstitial space above a 24/7 freezer farm for a vivarium, IMC understands the high-level of standards and expectations for such projects and clients, and the keys to successful delivery.

IMC employs an innovative, yet cost-effective approach specifically tailored to the clients’ needs and wants.  We have tested and proven methods to help achieve all project goals safely and with the utmost cost, schedule, and quality control.  IMC also uses the most advanced technological Virtual Design resources during the pre-planning stage to help focus on the success of each project and client.  Our understanding of issues on this type of project allows us to provide solutions for flexibility, complex MEP systems, commissioning, and turnover.