More than just building, we work with our education clients to address challenges unique to academic institutions:  multiple stakeholders, funding challenges, and calendar integration demands. We do this in a collaborative manner – seeking consensus from all stakeholders and  listening to, and valuing, every voice in a diverse and inclusive educational community.

Communication and collaboration are key. We make certain that all team members are informed of every activity in advance, and that all activities are coordinated around the clients’ events and requirements.  IMC understands the level of impact that construction has on a campus and we will work to mitigate those impacts through student engagement programs (during Preconstruction and Construction), project-specific safety procedures and codes of contact for contractors, and , and noise/cleanliness/vibration control.

Our team draws on their experiences as life-long learners, students, parents, employees, board members, fundraisers, and community members to develop unique educational project delivery models;  using early engagement strategy as a driving force.  This lean approach serves to build consensus among various stakeholders – giving voice to faculty, students, and administration.

We have helped educational institutions implement major construction projects, interior renovations, and campus master planning for four decades across all aspects of educational facilities and campus environments, including:

  • Campus Master Planning
  • Academic & Administrative Facilities
  • Residential Life / Dormitories
  • Advanced Technology Buildings
  • Student Centers / Student Life
  • Dining Facilities / Serveries / Cafeterias
  • Central Utility Plants / MEP upgrades
  • NetZero Goals and Sustainability Initiatives
  • Arboretum Campus Improvements & Protection
  • Child Care Facilities / Development Centers
  • Parking Facilities / Garages
  • Sports and Recreation / Stadiums